Friday, November 6, 2009

Hrithik & Suzanne heading towards Splitsville

If reports are to be believed, nothing is right between Bollywood’s cute couple Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan, as the latter has allegedly walked out of her marriage along with her two kids and has shifted to her parents house in Juhu. The reason behind the rough patch in their marriage is, Hrithik’s alleged affair with his Kites firangi co-star Barbara Mori.

A source reveals, “Hrithik and Susanne have been having problems for a while now. Initially, everyone thought that Barbara was just another phase in his life. Nobody expected ! Hrithik to get so serious about her. Susanne has been trying to come to terms with it. But when nothing worked, even her parents supported Susanne in her decision to leave him.”

“The couple hasn’t been making public appearances together for months, including at awards functions. However, when the talk of trouble in their marriage began getting louder, they made an appearance together at Amrita Arora’s wedding, but their body language spoke volumes.

Last week, they even made an appearance at Manish Malhotra’s fashion show but something went wrong after that.” Parents of Suzanne have supported her in her decision, “Both Sanjay and Zarine Khan have given her the emotional strength to take the right call. All they want for their daughter is her happiness.”

However Hrithik’s family is keen to make things work again for the couple, “They are hoping to find a solution to the problem once Hrithik is back in town. Something major ! must have happened between the couple in the last three days b! ecause S usanne walked out of the house when Hrithik was away.”

However Hrithik denied the split news, saying, “It is too funny!! Yes Sussanne shifted to her parents’ place with the kids 2 days ago and I was to join her on my return as there is a white ant treatment going on in my house and a section of my floor is being renovated. I’m with Sussanne right now having a picnic with my kids and in-laws!!