Friday, November 6, 2009

Shilpaâs Vote takes A Backseat Due To IPL

While SRK made it a point to come to India from South Africa to vote, Shilpa Shetty unfortunately couldn’t get enough of her IPL commitments and instead skipped the voting procedure.

She says, “I just regret the fact that I won’t be in India to cast my vote; I really wanted to this time. Elections have to be taken seriously if you are a responsible citizen. Unfortunately with the unexpected turn of events and the IPL being shifted to SA it’s become difficult. I would not miss voting f! or anything otherwise.”

However she says, “But to all those Indian citizens who want the best for our country, now is the time to make the decision, don’t waste your democratic right to choose. Vote!”

Do you think Shilpa justifies herself by not voting?